My folks are visiting me from Mumbai for a couple of weeks and so work on my startup has slowed a bit. However, I did get some results from last weeks experiments. Read on for a summary of what I found.

My Google Adwords campaign has been a miserable failure so far. I have had only 225 impressions for my ads over the week. My startup is all about simplifying the process of recording and managing music, and nobody really seems to be searching for this type of product. I have tweaked the keywords and am now running ads through Google's display network as well. Let's see if that brings a change in my fortunes.

My facebook ad campaign had around 50 clicks (each costing about a dollar). Around 25% of those 50 did click through to either the 'Plans and Pricing' or 'About' page. The number of clicks is not statistically significant yet, so I can't draw any conclusions. I am generally hoping for a 1% click through to 'Sign Up' from either my Facebook or Google ads.

Apart from those experiments, I have been perusing whitepapers on pricing strategies for Software as a Service (Saas) businesses from I think my pricing is too simplistic as it stands, and I need to learn a bit about that subject so I can conduct informed experiments.

In addition, I decided that conversations with potential users of my product are the best way to figure out the features I ought to work on and the pricing strategy I ought to adopt. I have been thinking about how best to approach these conversations. Do I lead with questions? How do I interpret the answers? How do I handle conflicts? There is very little literature on this topic and I look forward to recording my experience of these conversations here.

Finally, I managed to spend an afternoon tweaking the look of this blog. I have tweaked the fonts, spacing, colors, and visual hierarchy in the hope of making it more inviting and readable. What do you think? Comments are always welcome!