There is not much to report this week. Since I decided to get a working first version of RecordBox out by the first week of September, I have basically had my head down learning the technology I need to make that happen.

In particular, I have been running through Agile Web Development with Rails, and I must say that I really love the way the book is written. Having the reader build an actual application while introducing the relevant concepts and techniques as needed along the way is a really good approach to take for a book of this kind. Most other books which introduce technologies use extremely small-scale examples. That means that one cannot get one's hands adequately dirty, and hence one is deprived of the opportunity to learn meaningful lessons. This book does not suffer from that problem. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn Rails.

Another notable development this week was running into the guys from Startup Chile at a networking event here in Mountain View. They introduced me to the 'Startup Chile' program and it was love at first sight from my end.

The program is very simple. They will make an USD 40000 equity-free investment in your startup. In exchange, you have to agree to work on your startup in Chile for six months.

They are looking to infuse an entrepreneurial spirit in their culture, and they believe that best way to do this is to 'import' entrepreneurs and let them rub of on the local population. Also, the interactions may lead to longer term relationships which would help Chileans.

From the point of view of an entrepreneur like me, it seems too good to be true. Apart from the minor distraction of disrupting my life in a major way, it gives me a longer runway to prove my idea. And it is also a great opportunity to learn about a new culture, make new friends, and travel a bit while I am at it.

Needless to say, I have applied for the program. I don't think my application has a lot going for it because I am a solo founder, my target market is very niche, and I don't have an entrepreneurial track record. In other words, it is hard for someone like me to raise any kind of investment. I don't think that Startup Chile will be any different.

But one can keep one's fingers crossed!