I am strongly considering starting a blog for RecordBox as a major part of my online marketing strategy. In fact, I put up a version over the thanksgiving weekend which is ready to go if I choose to pull the trigger.

In this post I want to talk about why I am thinking of using a blog as my primary online marketing vehicle, and how I plan to do it. In a follow up post I will share my lingering reservations about this effort.

Just to clarify, my online marketing strategy is in addition to direct marketing through my contacts. This latter marketing can help me get started, but ultimately it is NOT a scalable way of building a viable customer base when each customer contributes $10 a month.

Why blogging is attractive

The essential truth about RecordBox today is that it is really obscure. Very few people have heard about it. Even fewer really know what it can do for them. And fewer still are motivated enough to try it.

A good blog would help change this in the following ways:

  1. It would keep the site fresh. There is no bigger turn off for prospective customers than a product which is not visibly alive.
  2. It would give RecordBox a personality. And a personality is crucial for building trust, developing relationships, and ultimately winning customers.
  3. It would boost RecordBox's mind share by making it more visible on search engines and social networks.

[Note that using a blog to develop relationships and win customers is not a new technique. It is called content marketing and some examples which have worked on me are: Mark's Daily Apple, 37Signals, and Seth Godin. ]

My target audience

So a blog seems like a good idea. Honestly, I can't really think of another way of boosting RecordBox's online profile.

But what can I possibly write about on a regular basis that would be relevant to my target customers AND is something which I know enough to write about?

First, let me talk about what type customer I would target through the blog.

My target blog-reading customer is someone who

  1. studies music,
  2. is meticulous about her practice,
  3. values discipline,
  4. is internet savvy,
  5. is comfortable with new technology, and
  6. is open to improving her processes.

More specifically, I think my blog readers would largely comprise of 21-40 year old music students. Many of them would be amateur or semi-professional musicians with supplemental income streams. As such, they create time for regular music practice in the midst of busy schedules. They would likely have some form of ongoing training as well.

A plausible topic for this audience

I think anybody who demonstrates the listed characteristics will agree that being regular and mindful is an essential part of getting good.

But to practice anything (a sport, music, writing, etc.) mindfully on a regular basis is really hard. Distractions abound these days. There are so many interrupts.

So I think a blog which offers authentic tips, advice, and thoughts on staying regular, being mindful, and combating ones inertia would really appeal to my target audience. And that is what I think the RecordBox blog could primarily be about.

Why I think I can write on this topic

I have some experience of being regular with --and improving at-- many diverse disciplines. In the process I have developed my own methods staying mindful and regular over extended periods of time.

For instance, over the past five years I have developed a regular practice with yoga, meditation, tabla, a paleo lifestyle, amongst other things.

I was terrible at each of these things when I started five years ago, but am incomparably better now. Further these practices are a regular feature of my life and as I have learnt to constructively work with the challenges in each domain. (Hint: they are not very different!)

I have also studied psychology, the nature of our consciousness, habit formation, philosophy, etc., and have experimented with these theories in my practice. So there is plenty I COULD write about, and I think the evidence so far gives my methods some credibility.

So I think it would be worth trying to share my views on mindful practice in the modern world: it would be backed by experience, authentic, researched, and I think would appeal to exactly the types of people who would find RecordBox valuable.

Parting thoughts

Of course, the blog would not only be about mindfulness and combating inertia. That would simply serve as the main theme.

That said, I do have reservations about doing this. I will go into the details of these reservations in the next post. But for now, what do all of my (four! ;)) dear readers think about this idea?